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Bachelor Party Rules to Follow While Still Having Fun

A bachelor party is something that every groom looks forward to. It is generally a chance for guys to get together, have fun and enjoy some good times with their closest pals before settling down in marriage. However, while bachelor parties are known to be crazy affairs, it doesn’t take too much for things to get out of hand.

Here are the do's and don'ts of bachelor parties to have a blast but not get the groom in the doghouse before he even says, "I do."

Don't let the groom pay

The groom should not have to pay for anything during his bachelor party, no matter how kind he is. Take care of him because it's his last night out with the boys. Certain caveats can be allowed, particularly if the event lasts more than a weekend (picture Las Vegas). But make sure to take care of him when it matters — after all, this is his party, right?

Change things up

If your group always meets up at the same pub or goes to the same diner or club, skip holding the bachelor party there. Take the groom somewhere new. This is a significant occasion for him, so do something unique or even better, a few unique things.

Pace yourselves

This is especially true for weekend getaways or trips to Vegas. We're not talking about breaking the law here, but a few basic things can go a long way toward ensuring that everyone is energized and having a good time during the party. For example, sleep might be difficult to come by on a bachelor party weekend, especially if an all-night poker game is planned.

If you're going on an overnight journey, know where to get an excellent cup of coffee. Better still, bring along one of your own coffee machines. This can also save you a lot of money — Starbucks can be rather costly! Other helpful suggestions include pedialyte for the next morning, there are also plenty of new items on the market like vitamin drops in your alcoholic beverages, big breakfasts, and of course lots of water. Ibuprofen wouldn’t hurt either.

Be sure to plan ahead

Don't hold the bachelor party any closer than three days before the wedding, despite how amazing it made the plot of The Hangover. There are too many things that can go wrong. Make sure to start organizing ahead of time, especially if there will be a large group of guys attending.

Don't let the groom do anything he will r