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How to Choose Suit Colors for Success in Business

Business suits help you close more sales and gain career success. The standard color for business suits is navy or grey. The choice is limited, but it STILL needs to be done right. No other color looks smarter or flatters one’s skin better than these two colors. Black is too boring; brown isn’t for everyone, and a light tan or grey is on the casual side.

The color must be dark for business and, again, not that dark, which looks almost black. Navy is the gold standard for business suits. Sometimes men buy too dark navy, that is, midnight navy blue, which looks close to black, and midnight navy looks pale and pasty.

On the other hand, mid-blue has become very popular over the years, particularly at weddings. Mid-blues would be too intense a color for most offices. In general, the paler and brighter a shade, the more casual it is, so if you want to wear a color like this, have it in something more casual, like a linen jacket.

Navy is serious, professional, and yet interesting enough in terms of color combinations. Midnight blue looks smart with a white shirt and black shoes, but that’s about it. On the other hand, Navy also looks good with those accessories but brings out chocolate-brown shoes. And a blue shirt under a navy suit provides an excellent background for experimentation with color in the tie or handkerchief – intense colors against black look cheap.

Suitable color for a business suit

Most of this applies to grays as well. Generally, for people in business, a person can wear two shades of gray, charcoal, and mid-gray. Charcoal is sober and professional and works particularly well in flannel, but (like navy) it cannot be mistaken for black.