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Quinceañera Guest Apparel

Have you been invited to a Quinceañera? Do you have any idea on what to wear? This well-known party is a big part of Hispanic and Latin culture. It celebrates a girls 15th birthday and marks her passage to womanhood. In some communities it is also known as a Quinces.

Is a Quinceañera a formal affair? Do guests need to get decked out in a fancy cocktail dress, tuxedos, or a suit, or is it okay to dress casually? Today we will go over what type of menswear is best to wear as a guest at a Quinceañera.

A Quinceañera is a Big Deal

Quinceañeras have transitioned over the years into a celebration that is like a small wedding in scale, grandeur and fun. By today’s standards Quinceañeras today require virtually similar amounts of energy, time, and timing as a wedding. Bearing those facts in mind, what you would typically wear as a wedding guest would be the same to a Quinceañera.

Here are some menswear suggestions for a guest:

  • Dark suit and tie – Your best bet for any celebration unless otherwise specifically stated on the invite

  • Classic Tuxedo - If the invitation states “formal” or “black-tie” a classic tuxedo is strongly recommended

  • Light-colored suit and tie. Depending on the season and casualness of the event, this look is also a winner

  • Stylish dress pants or high-quality khakis paired with starched and pressed button-down dress shirt.

  • Color Reminder – Be sure not to wear a tie with the matching color of the courts colors or the Chambelan (The guest of honor’s escort)

Quinceañera guests can feel confident in their menswear choices by going with the above suggestions. Remember to also wear comfortable shoes because it is quite a party!

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