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Strategies to Follow to Make your Tailored Suit Last a Long Time

Taking care of a suit is pretty important. You need to make sure that it keeps looking its best even when it starts getting older. Here are some steps that are going to help you make your suit last longer:

Always hang your suit instead of folding it out and ensure that you air it out.

If you want to keep your suit looking fresh, you must air it out and hang it on a wooden coated hanger. Choosing a cheaper hanger for your tailored suit might not really be a good idea. High-quality wooden hangers that extend to the shoulders of the suit assist you in keeping the suit in its original shape and keep looking sharp.

Dry cleaning your suit every week is not a wise move either. The reason behind that is that the chemicals used in dry cleaning damage the natural fibers inside the suit. This is something you really do not want, right?

A common trend that goes around which is suggested by many tailors is to do the sniff test. This generally means that if your suit smells a bit ripe, then dry cleaning is the way to go. Otherwise, spot cleaning or dry airing is going to be a perfect choice.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to store your suit for a longer period, then you should keep it in a bag that is breathable. This helps by keeping away all the bad smells and keeps the lint off.

Avoid putting anything inside the pockets.

Putting a lot of weight in the pockets of the suit simply destroys the altering of your suit. The stuff that you put in stretches out the garment, and this stretch results in destroying the overall shape of the suit in the longer run.

Your suit is going to thank you for this.

Keep the iron away

Your suit is bound to have wrinkles at some point, but the real thing is that the way you manage your suit determines if it's going to last longer or not. You must avoid ironing your suit at all costs. A dry iron can either leave non-removable marks on the suit or a hot iron can burn it completely.

The best method if you want to remove wrinkles from your suit is to steam them. The best part is that getting a steamer for yourself at home is not that expensive or another alternative is to hang your suit while you shower. It is pretty much the same thing. If not that there are also sprays that remove wrinkles off your suit.

If you’re getting your suit dry cleaned, they will usually press it too. However, they use professional equipment operated by people with experience. Or just ask them to press the garment that needs it.

If you are getting your suit dry cleaned chances are that the workers are going to press it as well, but they use high-quality equipment and they have experienced professionals as well so there is nothing to worry about.