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The Best Dress Shoes Each Man Should Have

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You only need five types of dress shoes, read more about each below.


A suit’s best friend and a great pair of dress shoes to start your collection if you are just getting started is the oxford. You can wear them to weddings, special occasions, funerals, presentations, the office and more. As one of the most versatile dress shoe in this pack of suggested shoes, the oxford is a jack of all trades and is great in brown or tan.


Next are the Bluchers. They're like Oxfords. But there's a big difference. They have open lacing. That's easy to spot. Bluchers usually have fancy stitching and light colors. They're your casual dress shoes. You can wear them with a suit. But they look great with dark jeans. Dress them up in comfy trousers or maybe in a sports jacket. They're very flexible shoes. They should be the second pair in your closet.

Slip-Ons (Loafers)

Now, let's talk about slip-ons or loafers. There are many kinds to choose from. Loafers are great because they're casual and comfy. They're perfect when traveling. You can easily take them on and off at the airport metal detector.

The beauty of these three types of shoes lies in their simplicity. They effortlessly blend with your outfits and are a shoe that does not attract a ton of attention.

Dress Boots

Let's talk about Chukka Boot. This boot comes from England. In old times, it was considered a desert boot. A desert boot is one with crepe rubber soles and typically a suede upper, usually tan or brown in color. It is one of the most popular boots to wear with lighter color suits and jeans.

There are also traditional dress boots, which are essentially a typical oxford or blucher style shoe but with a covering for the ankle, made of full leather or pleather. They are your better bet if you live in an area that is prone to a lot of weather and you wear trench coats on the regular.

Experiment with New Styles

It's time for your fifth dress shoe. What should it be? Take a moment. Think about the four styles we mentioned. Which one do you wear most? Go ahead, re-buy it. Challenge yourself to choose a different style. Or pick a different color this time.

Every shoe has unique features. These features aren't just in color. They differ in design and size, too.

When you're exploring shoes, inspect the styles closely. Look at brogues, wingtips, and leather finishes. Thinking about something casual? Consider a suede finish. Need something versatile? Your standard leather shoes are perfect. But remember one thing. Dressing up a bit more is always better than being underdressed.

The Right Shoe for Each Man

Boys, the shoe hunt is personal. It should meet your needs. Stick to the basics first. Opt in for darker colors. Try to stay within one or two colors for most of your shoes.

A shoe that complements your wardrobe is ideal. You can dress it up or down. Some of you might love black shoes. If you do, ensure all your shoes work well together. The goal is simple. When you buy dress shoes, aim to build a mix-and-match wardrobe.


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