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Tips on How to Appear Amazing in Dress Sneakers

Hey Albuquerque men, these days people wearing dress sneakers as footwear with a suit is in style. You see it at black-tie events, you see them being worn by entire wedding parties, and you see it on TV with celebrity sportscasters and commentators wearing dress sneakers. It is not a ‘thing’, it is commonplace. Even though this is the norm these days, you may still need guidance on when to wear dress sneakers, what suits to wear them with and what color dress sneakers match a certain color suit. Do not worry. Featured here is good information about dress sneakers themselves, and a guide with some basic rules to follow on how to bring your dress sneaker game in a smart informed way to your wardrobe.

Dress Sneakers Explained

Sneakers that are Dress Sneakers are footwear you are able to pair with dress casual apparel, or a suit. The upper section of the shoe appears somewhat like a dress shoe, but obviously it is not. The sole of a dress sneaker is normally flat. and the shoe is pleasing to the eye.

There are a simple set of rules for dress sneakers. You can take a pair and wear them with smart dress casual or with a suit. Guidance on what to dress sneakers to wear with what is all you need.

Basic Guidelines for Dress Sneakers

The more formal the event or the apparel is, the more straight forward, basic and well fit your dress sneaker needs to be for it to look good versus looking like it goes with a track suit or warm-ups. The dressiest dress sneakers have the following attributes:

  • Basic – One color or low key upper with little or no branding

  • Shoe Top Must be a Low top (ankle visible) No high tops please

  • Slender Lines and Well Fitted – The dress sneaker shoe should showcase a dress shoe similar look

  • Shoe Material—Suede or Leather (normally not synthetic or canvas, but okay on occasion) Premium dress sneakers material is normally made with high-quality leather.

The Proper Dress Sneakers Worn with a Correct Suit

Pairing dress sneakers with a suit means picking the right sneakers (like described earlier) and it means choosing the suit that makes good sense.