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Wedding Guest Favor Ideas

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Wedding guests include your family, friends, and sometimes distant relatives you have not seen since you were 10 years old. They come from your hometown, your birth state and even from foreign countries to unite with you and to rejoice with you on one of the most important days in life. Even though your heart is soaring with sentiments of affection and admiration, the best way to exhibit your emotions and thankfulness is to give all your guests an imaginative wedding favor.

Bear in mind critical aspects when choosing wedding favors. Think of the wedding reception venue setting. Consider things like is the venue inside or is it outside (favors that will spoil or melt will not work), is the venue far away from where many of your guests live (fragile gifts will most likely break on the way home). Consider giving a wedding favor gift that showcases important places you both loves or a local food guests will appreciate.

Wedding favors are a great way to show gratitude to your wedding guests and give something personal that symbolizes you as a couple.

Featured below is a list of wedding favor ideas you can consider giving to your wedding guests.

Culinary and Beverage Inspired Wedding Favors 

People love food, so if you go this route for a wedding favor you have succeeded already. When wedding guests receive a wedding favor that is edible or drinkable it will put a smile on their face. Fancy teas, high-end coffee and local famous salsa are ones to consider for a wedding favor gift.

Home Decoration and Useful Home Items

Do you have a desire to the wedding favor gifts you give have utility or are easy to use as a home decoration? Think about giving home decorations like fancy light switch plates, wine cork trivet, sandstone coasters, or designer bottle openers. Look online for the best memento wedding favor gifts.

Country-style Wedding Favors

Your wedding does not have to occur in the summer or fall for country-style wedding favor gifts for guests. Guests will rave about unique gifts from New Mexico like a mini-red chile wreath, or jars of red or green chile jelly. Gifts that shout unique, fun and delicious will be remembered.

Entertaining Handmade Wedding Favors 

Handmade wedding favors are special because they come from the heart, they show how much you care, and you are out to make your guests smile. Make the move and put yourself out there. Your DIY wedding favors will be one of the big hits of your celebration.

Wedding Locale Wedding Favors

Guests must receive a wedding favor and you should no doubt give one, if your wedding location is in a faraway travel destination. Travel related gifts that are both fun and useful would be ideal wedding favor gifts.

Coronavirus 19 Wedding Favors

The coronavirus pandemic does not alleviate you from giving a wedding favor, even if you are holding a small wedding ceremony, followed by a small wedding reception afterwards. Do your best to have a safe wedding by requesting guests wear face masks and please practice socially distancing during the event. Go online to find wedding favors that are coronavirus safe.


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