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What Color Shoes to Wear to Properly Match Your Suit

When you're wearing a suit, your shoes are one of the essential details in creating a complete outfit. It can be hard to choose the right color of shoes, as some suits have brighter colors that clash with dark shoes. Your next suit or new pair of dress shoes are meant to set you apart, whether it's a business suit, a tuxedo, or a kilt. Therefore, you need to learn which suits work with which shoes. While some color combinations will clash and look awkward, others will be downright stylish and complementary. Here is your ultimate guide to what shoes to wear with your suit.

Only Black Shoes with a Black Suit

Every guy should own a black suit, so it's crucial to know which shoe color pairs best. Although you may not have much fun and experiment with different combinations, you can still choose the go-to option: Black. Black is the only choice of shoe color that pairs perfectly with a black suit because when your suit and tie are black, nobody wants one other color of shoe to be fighting for attention. Patent designs, brogues, and loafers can also be worn to add some interest.

What Shoes to Wear with a Navy Suit

Unlike black suits, navy suits can be paired with several shoe colors. Brown, Black, and burgundy tend to be the most reliable hues and are great options to have on hand. Depending on where you're going and your style, you'll be able to decipher which color is best to wear. You can find many resources online and even in your local men's clothing store, but there are other shoes you might consider wearing with a navy suit that most people don't think of, like a navy dress shoe. If you can’t find a blue belt to match, finding navy suspenders is your next best bet.

Navy Suit with Black Shoes

Navy suits tend to pair best with black shoes. Oxfords, loafers, brogues, or monk-strap shoes will be great for dressing up a navy suit, and you'll look more sophisticated. Make sure your navy suit is dark, so it can hold its own against a pair of dark shoes. You can wear your shoes without socks as long as they aren't too dressy.

Navy Suit with Brown Shoes

Brown shoes make a complementary and stylish look when paired with a navy suit. Pairing the warm hue of brown shoes with your navy suit creates a contemporary appearance that is perfect for occasions when you need something more exciting than Black or they also work well in warmer months. Not only does it offset the coolness of the navy suit, but it also provides a sharp and polished appearance while still original.

What Shoes to Wear with a Gray Suit

When deciding what color shoes to wear with a grey suit, you must first determine how light or dark the fabric is. Light-colored suits play nicely with cognac and gray shoes given the proper contexts. As for dark shades, they play well with black, browns, and oxblood.