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What's the Optimum Number of Suits a Guy Should Have in His Closet

Regardless of your preferred attire or the job, there are occasions when a suit is the only option. So, what is the ideal number of suits for a man? Three suits are the magic number for us. These men's suits will always look great, whether you're attending a wedding, job interview, or professional function.

The Navy Suit

An impeccable-cut blue suit is one of the few items in a guy's wardrobe that every man should own. It is the most adaptable piece of tailoring you can buy and a timeless essential that will look great on you in the workplace and at your next family wedding or special occasion. The ideal style is a straightforward single-breasted design. This design can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation.

How to Wear the Navy Suit?

The purpose of wearing a blue suit will dictate what you pair it with. A white or light blue shirt looks terrific, with a patterned silk tie and Florsheim shoes for formal occasions. If the event is more laid back, a crew-neck T-shirt or roll-neck sweater might look great with loafers or Chelsea boots. Though tan is often the preferred color for shoes, a navy suit is so adaptable that you shouldn't be afraid to choose different hues like black or burgundy.

The Gray Suit

A staple of any man's formal attire, the gray suit is just as adaptable as its navy cousin. Gray suits are synonymous with business. Men wear a gray suit when a blue suit is too casual. Because of this, a gray suit is appropriate for formal meetings and job interviews, but it also looks good for after-work drinks. Investing in two gray suits might be a wise choice if you're a guy who wears suits often. In the summer, a lighter style; in the winter, charcoal.

How to Wear the Gray Suit?

People similarly wear blue and gray suits. They look lovely with patterned or printed designs and go well with various shirt colors, including white, light blue, and pink. Wear a gray suit down by pairing it with knitwear or dress it up with formal accessories. With a gray suit, you may wear black, dark brown, or burgundy shoes; however, if your suit is light gray, we advise staying with black.

The Black Suit

The black suit is significantly more adaptable than you may imagine and is underappreciated. Few suits are more reliable for dinner parties, job interviews, funerals, and more. With a few minor wardrobe adjustments, you can go from an ultra-formal look to an urban cool one. It's sophisticated, uncomplicated, and effortless to wear.

How to Wear the Black Suit?

A white shirt is the apparent choice when wearing a black suit, but it's not the only one. If you want to change the look of your clothing, a crew neck T-shirt will seem radically different from an option in cream or light gray. Regretfully, only black shoes will do in terms of footwear.

The Patterned Suit

We know we said you only need three suits, but the patterned suit is an excellent option if you want to stick out from the crowd or want something more character. We recommend something in gray or blue with a slight check pattern. You may switch up the jackets and pants with other simple suits; on the weekends, you can even wear it more casually with chinos.

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bret Allen
bret Allen
Dec 13, 2023

Men should have at least 5 to 10 suits in his closet because men's suits are important part of daily life.

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