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Next Step: Tailoring

Your suit package is waiting to be tailored, below are the next steps.

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Try it On

At this time we ask you to come in and try on the suit package. We then determine what tailoring needs to be done. Our suits are NOT separates and EACH one requires some tailoring for a great fit.

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Tailor Markings

We pin and mark the garments to your desired fit. If it's just a pant hem, there's no charge for that. 
Do you want extra tapering or special alterations? A list of the most common tailoring requests and their prices can be found HERE.

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We Schedule It

Tailoring operations usually take a week to complete.
Need it sooner? Use our 24-hr Express Service for an extra $35


Final Payment

​After you try the suit on and markings have been made for tailoring, it's payment time. Pay the remaining balance (if any) of the suit package and any tailoring charges you may have acquired.

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We Text You

Once tailoring is complete, we text you!

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Final Pick Up

Come in for a final try on and pick up. Don't forget to wear it to your event!

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