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Are you a seasoned wedding photographer? 

We occasionally work with wedding photographers on stylized photoshoots. However, during certain times of the year, we are unable to provide garments due to the season or demand, prom time for example.  Plug in your info below, and we'll be in touch.

Designer & Hottest Looks

Our trendiest looks are available for a discounted price for stylized photoshoots.  Looks are below.

Timeless & Classic

Our more timeless styles below are available for a special promotion.

How it Works

We need at least 7 days lead time after we have measured your model to get your order in and ready for the final fitting. Final fitting occurs the day before the shoot and garments must be returned the following business day.

  • We require to be tagged in at least twice on your company Instagram or Facebook account regarding our garments.

  • We require access to the gallery after the shoot

  • We require the ability to download the images we like for us to use in future marketing materials or publications

  • We will in turn put your logo on the photographs we intend to use for those purposes

  • We will in turn tag or mention you in any future social media publications regarding this photoshoot. 

*If you already have a model, please list their info below.

Thank you, we'll be in touch!
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