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-In-House Tailors
-Quick Turn Around


Due to possibility of viruses or microbes on fabrics that may compromise the health of our employees we are instilling this policy:

All garments requiring alterations, whether purchased at our store or not, must be clean or dry cleaned before we can preform tailoring or alterations on them.


  • Sleeves Shorten/Lengthen

  • Sides In/Out

  • Lower Collar

  • Lower Arm Holes

  • Center Back

  • Add/Adjust Shoulder Pads

  • Close Vents

  • Buttons In/Out

  • Change Buttons


  • Waist & Seat In/Out

  • Reshaping

  • Crotch Lower/Rise

  • Sides In/Out

  • Taper In/Out

  • Straight Hem Short/Lengthen

  • Hem with Dress Cuff

  • Add/Adjust Belt Loops

  • Add Suspender Buttons

  • Fix/Add Zippers


  • Shorten Sleeves

  • Tapering Sides/Sleeves

  • Make into Short Sleeves

  • Make Cuffs Convertible


Do you need a suit tailored in a jiffy? Like in 72 hours or less?? 

We can have a suit tailored and ready for you to wear in a day or less. Ask us about our Express tailoring Services starting at $35.  Most places can take up to a week for alterations or tailoring to be completed on your stuff. 

We can work work on your schedule and needs, not just ours.

Different Suit Fits

Slim Suit Fit (1).png


Trim and tapered look that fits close to the body.  Slimmer though the arms and also a shorter jackets.  Hems typically have no pant break and meet at the back of the shoe.

modern fit 2.png


Trim styling with a flattering silhouette.  There is a narrower lapel in the jacket and narrow through it body.  There is typically a small break in the pant hem and it covers the top part of the dress shoe in the back. 

classic fit suit.png


This the classic fuller cut of the suit, it not tapered in the slack and roomier around the calf of the leg.  The body of the jacket typically has a fuller cut in the body. There is usually a break at the dress shoe and them at the back is about and inch above the floor. 

Tailor Albuquerque 

Suits Unlimited, an Albuquerque, NM tailoring and menswear store, has been tailoring menswear since 1971. Our tailors are experts in fit, garment care, and fabrics. We work on everything from men’s suits, sport coats, slacks, pants, dress shirts, etc. Men’s clothing and alterations are our specialty. When you are thinking, tailor Albuquerque, the place to come for all your tailoring needs is Suits Unlimited.



Tailors in Albuquerque

For over 50 years our expert tailors have completed tens of thousands of garments and other tailoring jobs for our completely assured Albuquerque clientele. We are proud to be the preferred Albuquerque tailor and suit alteration provider of choice for the people of our fine city. When you are online looking up Tailors in Albuquerque remember the only place to do business is Suits Unlimited. 


Albuquerque Tailor

Here at Suits Unlimited, we guarantee our tailoring services.  If you ever have a tailoring problem that needs to be solved, you can be certain we will take care of it in the quickest way possible. We are an Albuquerque tailor that prides itself on doing the best quality work every single time, guaranteed. We have been providing Albuquerque tailoring services for more than half a century.


Did a hem on your business suit fall on your way into work this morning? No worries, we will fix it for you in just a few minutes.

Do you have a suit jacket and pants that need to be let out because you have gained weight recently? We have you covered.  Letting out garments so they fit you right is one of our tailoring specialties. 


Suits Unlimited provides the best tailoring, menswear, and customer service in the Albuquerque area. Whether you purchase a suit, a pair slacks, pants, sports coat, tie or tuxedo from us, or bring in your own apparel that needs tailoring, we are the company to come to for all your Albuquerque tailor services.  

Our turn-around time to tailor a garment is usually a week. However, this time frame can be variable due to high or low volume of garments to be tailored in our store. We are extremely flexible and can work around your schedule.  For a small Express Tailoring Express Charge, we can get your garments back to you the very next day.


When you need tailoring done in Albuquerque, NM, turn to us at Suits Unlimited. We are the go-to tailoring service provider in Albuquerque, NM since 1971.

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