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Hang Pants without getting Wrinkles: Here’s How

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You will have to deal with wrinkles when you wear clothes made from fabrics such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton. Manufactured clothing comes in different materials. So, it would help if you hung them instead of folding them. Hanging the clothes can also help you to extend their lifetime. Let's learn more about the wrinkle-prevention strategies you can try by hanging your clothes.

Different types of pants hangers

You can find many different types of pants hangers out there. It is essential to pick the correct kind of hanger out of them. They include:

Wire hangers

  • Avoid using wire hangers at all costs if you want the finest trousers hanger. The weight of the trousers is too much for wire hangers to sustain, and consequently, the hangers will droop, and the pants will wrinkle. These hangers also have sharp edges that can cause an unintentional tear or rip.

Traditional hangers

  • The traditional hanger is the first thing that springs to mind when considering a clothing hanger. The standard hanger comes in various colors and materials, including satin, velvet, metal, plastic, and wood. Although the traditional hanger is preferable for maintaining the weight of trousers, depending on the material, trousers can be simple to remove. Please continue reading to find out how to stop trousers from falling off while using a traditional hanger to hang them.

Clip and clamp hangers

  • Pants can hang without folding on clip and clamp hangers, often constructed of plastic or wood. The finest wrinkle defense comes from these hangers. Most hangers are reasonably priced. However, if you want to use one of these hangers, be sure the clamp or clip can support the weight of your trousers.

How to hang your pants in the right way?

After you decide on the best hanger, you should also learn how to hang the pants correctly. Let's know more about it.

  • Pick the hanging method based on the fabric.

    • For example, you can fold the jeans instead of placing them on a classic hanger.

  • Never store the dress pants in your drawer

    • If you leave dress pants in a drawer, you will get noticeable creases on them.

Hanging on a classic hanger:

  • You must lay down the pants on top of a flat surface.

  • match the inseams and ensure there is a crease along the front of the pant

  • place the bottom of the pant through the hanger opening and stop halfway

  • ensure bottom hem and waist are even along the hanger upon lifting the hanger

  • hang in closet, preferably near a cedar block or hanger to prevent moths

Hang with a clip and clamp hanger:

  • You must pick a strong clip and clamp to support your pants.

  • You can place the hanger clip about an inch away from the outside edge of your waistband. Pick a hanger that allows you to move the clips to achieve this

  • You may also clip the pants from the bottom hem and hang upside down. Hanging upside down also prevents wrinkles

    • If the pants material has a delicate fabric like leather, you need to keep some index cards in between them and the hanger clips, which offers extra protection.

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