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What happens now?

Here's a breakdown of how our rentals work:

Measuring Tape Vector Image


Each person renting needs to be measured at Suits Unlimited at least 2 weeks before the event. 

*Have out of towners?

They can fill out this FORM, or get digitally measured with their smart phone HERE.



We require a $35 down payment toward each rental. Payments can be made HERE or call us to pay orders in full.

final fitting.png

Final Fitting

We'll text you! This usually happens on the Thursday before the event and trying everything on takes about 20 minutes to complete.



If measurements were a little off, we take care of that on Final Fitting day.  Our in-house tailor can take care of minor adjustments in a jiffy. 

remining balance.png

Remaining Balance

Final Fitting day is the time to pay the remaining balance, if you have one, before you take your rental for the weekend. 



Return your garments on original hangers & in original garment bag, usually within two days after the event. Return garments on-time to avoid pesky late fees.

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