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What happens now?

Here is a breakdown of how our Wedding Suit Packages usually work:

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Each person needs to be measured at Suits Unlimited at least 30 days before the event. 

Have out of towners?

*They can fill out this FORM.

*Need to send them the suit? We can pack it, so you can ship it. Just ask!



We require a $100 down payment toward each suit package. Make that payment HERE, at time of measurement, or over the phone. *Please Note: Suit sizes 50R and above incur a $15 upcharge.

final fitting.png

The Fitting Day

Our suits are NOT separates and EACH one requires some tailoring for a great fit. When all the suits are in-store, we then inform each person to come in for tailoring, pay off balances if necessary, and arrange shipping if desired. The in-store fittings take about 20 minutes to complete.



Tailoring is not included in the package price and can cost on average $30.  The tailoring costs must be paid in full before we can perform the alterations. This usually takes a week to complete and we text you when ready for pick up.


Pick Up

When you receive the text that tailoring is complete, stop by and try on your suit a final time.  Don't forget to wear it for the wedding! 

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