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Great Suit Colors for the Complete Men's Wardrobe

Albuquerque area men, in 2020 it makes sense to own more than just one suit. Buying the right suit at the right time can help make the prospect of owning multiple suits affordable and doable. The key is to buy suit colors you will need in the correct sequential order to both look good and get the most utility out of them as your wardrobe of suits grows. Here is how to make that happen.

Figuring out which suit to purchase initially.

What order should you purchase your collection of suits using color as the primary factor when making the decision?

The last thing you want to do is buy suit you really like, but you cannot wear very often because it does not work for many events and the look of the suit is not adaptable.

Certain suits colors offer more utility and are more useful than most other colors.

Featured here are suit color suits men should be ranked from first to last by their utility and adaptability. This will make the path for men looking to fill out their wardrobe the right way more doable and provide them a way to owning a great more useful wardrobe from the very start. So, here it goes.

1. New Navy-Blue Suit

The suit color rankings for the first two suit colors can be listed in either order.

New navy-blue is ahead of charcoal grey by a smidge in the good old USA. It is looked at by most Albuquerque men as the go-to color of choice to buy and own for a man’s first suit in his wardrobe

Menswear stores, like Suits Unlimited, in Albuquerque, NM carry a wide selection of new navy-blue and standard navy-blue suits.

2. Charcoal Grey Suit

Truth be told, when it comes to suit utility, a charcoal grey suit comes first for many men for being the first color in their suit wardrobe. Maybe more so than a new navy-blue suit.