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Suit Care Tips Every Man Needs to Know

A high-quality suit is an investment that's well worth the money if you take care of your suit correctly. Suits are made to be worn, and to withstand wear and tear; you can significantly extend the life of your suit by following our advice.

1. Buy an extra pair of trousers for your suit. Trousers are the first part of a suit to become worn, and by having two or more pairs per jacket, you ensure that your suit has a longer life. It's an investment that pays off in the long run.

2. Alternate your suits. Having at least five good suit options to rotate during the week is always good. The same goes for shoes and shirts. By rotating them, you'll have less wear and tear on your suits and get a more varied and exciting wardrobe.

3. Avoid using the pant pockets. The inner pockets of a suit are the best place to store items like wallet and phone or keys. However, avoid over-stuffing the pockets to not create uneven surfaces and affecting the appearance on the outside. Avoid putting items in the outer pockets at all costs.

4. Do not dry clean suits too often. Reading the label before washing or cleaning your suit is very important. Most suits are dry-cleaned only, but first, check the care labels sewn into the suit. Dry-clean it as rarely as possible. About once every six months or once a season. should be enough unless the suit is stained. The strong chemicals used in dry cleaning put a lot of wear on the fabric and will shorten the life of your suit.

5. Buy a good clothing brush. You can remove any stains or marks on the suit with a brush, ensuring it stays clean and fresh. A lint roller is also worthwhile; it keeps lint and dust off your suit.

6. Hang it up properly. Suits should be hung on special, thick wooden suit hangers somewhere the fabric can breathe after a day's wear (if possible, avoid squeezing your suit in between your other clothes in the wardrobe). Always hang it up after a day or night of use, even if it's tempting to dump it in a pile after a late night out. It's well worth hanging it up overnight.

7. Use a steam iron. To ensure the suit stays smooth and wrinkle-free, steam it regularly using a steam iron. This strategy opens the fibers and helps remove stains. Avoid an ordinary iron at all costs. It risks damaging the fabric, which causes the suit to become shiny. Steam iron is an extra investment you will be happy with if you want a stylish suit that lasts a long time. If you still need an iron, put a protective layer of cloth between the garment and the iron when ironing (e.g., a clean pillowcase or a clean tea towel).

8. When traveling. It's essential to take care of your suit when you travel. Ensure you have a suit carrier or a good-quality garment bag that only weighs a little. Buy a garment bag that lets your suit breathe while you travel.

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