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Wardrobe and Fashion Tips for Today’s Contemporary Gentleman

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Every morning, you get dressed just like everyone does. You pull on a shirt, button it up, roll the sleeves, and choose your shoes for the day. Guess what, though? We might be doing it all wrong. Not wholly inappropriate; just a little bit off.

Imagine this. You have a nice suit. You want to pack it without a wrinkle in sight. Or your shirt sleeves. You want them rolled up, staying put all day. Here is a group of cool tricks and tips for you. These will save you time and money and, in some cases, protect you from awkward moments.

Match Your Dress Shoes and Suits

Rule number one: Always match your shoes and suits. There's a simple chart to help you decide which colors and styles work best. What shoes to rock with your shorts or chinos? Click here for the solution.

When Possible, Always Try to Buy Full-Grain Leather Goods

Let's talk about leather goods if you can, go for full-grain leather stuff. It's like the superhero of leathers. It lasts super long and is way cooler than top-grain and genuine leather.

Invest In Quality Shoes Trees

If shoes are your thing, you have got to invest in quality shoe trees. They keep your shoes in great shape. Plus, they stop the leather from going weird and absorb extra moisture, so your shoes won't stink or rot. Therefore, grab the best shoe trees for your fancy shoes.

Hang Your Suits and Dress Shirts on Cedar Wood Hangers

The cedar scares moths away and soaks up moisture. Unlike skinny wire hangers, these chunky hangers won't stretch or damage your clothes.

Fold Your Sweaters Instead of Hanging Them

Don't hang your sweaters. Nope! Fold them instead. Even light ones can stretch out if hung for too long. So, fold your sweaters and hang T-shirts and dress shirts. Boom! You're ready to take on the world in style.

Beat the Smelly Feet, Look Chic

Want the trendy sockless look without a stinky problem? Loafer socks are the secret. They hide well and deal with sweat, so there are no funky smells!

Shoe Care? Yes, please!

Your shoes had a rough winter, didn't they? Take care of them with leather soap and oil. It can make them last longer and ensure your money spent on shoes keeps paying off.

Give Your Shoes a Breather

You love your favorite dress shoes. But are you wearing them every day? Not a good plan. Let them rest in between wears. Trust is the key; your shoes will thank you with a longer life.

Roll' Em Right

Shirt sleeves can be tricky. Here's a tip: flip the cuff back and pull it just below your elbow. Then, fold up the inside-out part to cover the bottom cuff. Voila! Your sleeves won't unroll.

Pack a Suit, No Wrinkles

Need to pack a suit? Use tissue paper. Wrap the suit in it and put it in a bag. This strategy keeps it looking fresh and wrinkle-free.

The Jacket Button Rule

There's a "sometimes, always, never" rule with jacket buttons. Top button? Sometimes it is buttoned up, depending on your style. Middle button? Always buttoned - it makes the jacket look better. The last button? Never buttoned - it messes up the jacket's shape. There you go, simple but effective tips to boost your fashion game!


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