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Awesome New Mexico Wedding Venues You May Just Love

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Love and the Southwest are two things that will always show through, no matter what topic is being discussed. Therefore, it is exciting to feature New Mexico's more historic wedding locations here. After all, what better way to commemorate love in the desert than with a landmark wedding?

Take a trip back and marvel at these stunning examples of architecture and artifacts from other eras and consider them for your upcoming nuptials.


Located in Santa Fe, everyone who enters this remarkable area is mesmerized by its unusual and exotic architecture. Built in 1912, the Scottish Rite Temple is one of a kind in its ceremonial ambiance, rich history, and dedication to preservation. It's difficult not to be mesmerized by the stories of those who have walked its hallowed halls. New Mexico's famous jewel box theater and a time capsule of history now hosts weddings, a fitting continuation of the craftsmanship, ritual, and love with which it was created.


Casa Perea Art Space, described by the State Register of Cultural Properties as an "excellently conserved of New Mexico Territorial Architecture," was built in the mid-1800s. This historic building was initially constructed in 1850 using adobe bricks. The Sandoval County Courthouse from 1912 was demolished to make way for a new courthouse in another part of town. There is a sense of New Mexican heritage in the vineyards, gardens, grand halls, and elegant pergolas.


Hotel Andaluz has been so meticulously renovated that many people are surprised to find that it was formerly a Hilton Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1939. But it is true! Hotel Andaluz was New Mexico's tallest structure when it originally opened. Hotel Andaluz has become a popular wedding venue thanks to its rooftop bar, prominent water features, and majestic ballrooms, making it a popular choice for engaged couples looking for a luxurious wedding venue. Contrary to common misconception, getting married at Hotel Andaluz doesn't mean you have to give up modern grandeur for communal heritage.


An idyllic 40-acre piece of land in Chama, New Mexico, was purchased as Log River Ranch in the 1970s. The log cabin, built in the 1980s and beloved by locals, has remained surrounded by beautiful scenery for decades, serving as a gathering place for family reunions and other events. While the property's now-iconic barn is only a few years old, it is rooted in the history of love in the desert.


In 1874, a convent was built on the current site of what is now known as El Zocalo, or "the meeting place." The 2,400 square foot architectural building features an interior courtyard and was also a gathering place for the nuns who walked its grand halls. El Zocalo, a National Register of Historic Places site, has been a gathering place for the New Mexico community for more than 130 years. There are innumerable love tales and life lessons etched into its thick adobe walls and brick flooring, and when couples choose to join this rich tap, respect permeates the air.

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