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Awful Workplace Attire Blunders Men Make

Awful Workplace Attire Blunders Men Make - Wearing Slip-on Sandals with Socks

One must avoid wearing specific footwear, garments, and accessories when discussing workplace fashion and wardrobe choices. Some of these choices are obvious, while others might be new. Continue reading the following information and tips to ensure you're dressing appropriately for the workplace.

●    Satin Shirts

Have you ever noticed how sweat sticks to and becomes visible through a satin shirt? It doesn't look very good, and we strongly recommend leaving these garments in the closet when it comes to dressing for the workplace. 

●    Slip-on Sandals with Socks

This fact might seem obvious, but sandals could be acceptable if you're working in a surf shop. However, we're talking about professional offices and settings here, and regardless of your job role, wearing socks with sandals rarely looks appropriate. Closed-toe shoes are your best option for a professional appearance.

●    Chunky Chains

Wearing too much jewelry at the workplace might distract people from what you're saying. When you come to a professional setting wearing too many chunky chains, people will only focus on your appearance, which seems weird. So, avoid wearing excessive jewelry while dressing up for the office.

●    Loose-Fitting or Tight Clothing

Wearing loose-fitting or tight clothes at the workplace isn't a wise choice. Clothes that make you seem more significant than you are, while those that are too loose can make you appear messy. Choosing to wear appropriately fitted or tailored clothes can make you stand out positively. Some large department stores offer tailoring services at no additional cost and tailoring for paying customers in the price of their garments. Don't hesitate to ask about this. Also, remember that some of your local menswear shops and tailors, such as Suits Unlimited in Albuquerque, NM, also provide alteration services. 

●    Unbuttoned Shirt

Stick to unbuttoning just the top two buttons of your dress shirt to maintain a professional look. Opening any more can expose more skin than is typically appropriate, which might create a poor impression and become distracting.

●    Baggy Jeans

If you're constantly adjusting your jeans or pants at work, it's probably an indication that you're wearing the wrong-sized garments. Jeans can be appropriate for casual days or relaxed office settings, but only if they fit right. A good fit means they sit comfortably around your waist without being too tight, they don't bunch excessively over your shoes, and the hem sits at least half an inch above the floor.

In a nutshell, it's easy to dress well for the workplace. You're already excelling in the fashion game by avoiding the worst-case scenarios above. Always choose a clothing style that fits your personality. Your attire should make you look good and aid in clear thinking and effective communication with clients and colleagues.

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