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Great Dress Shoes Are Important in Business & Life—Here's Why

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

When it comes to a manʼs dress style the best litmus test for it is his footwear, i.e. his dress shoes.

The man who does not pay special attention to his footwear will fritter away the expense, effort, and attention invested into all other parts integral to being a well-dressed man including dress shirts, designer suits and under garments. We are talking about dress shoes, sir dress shoes.

High quality dress shoe prices at Albuquerque, NM menʼs store, Suits Unlimited, are between $49 and 120. They are a great price and worth the investment.

Better dress shoes feel phenomenal right away. When you buy a top- quality pair of shoes the chore of wearing them for weeks to break them in is no longer required and when well-cared for, you can use them for up to two decades.

Wearing fine shoes does not necessarily mean you are dressed overly formal, like you would if you were wearing a tie and suit. Classy shoes give you an easy method to look terrific on the weekend without looking overdressed.

The idea of investing on a pair of shoes may have brought on sticker shock. However, bargain priced shoes will not look nearly as good as a more expensive pair.

When two years has elapsed the bargain pair will show visible signs of wear. The top side of the shoe will often crack just below the laces, the sole will have a crack or be very thin. To put it bluntly and to be real, the bargain shoes will look shabby. By the same token, after two years down the road a pair of nice leather dress shoes you bought, manufactured with quality leather, stitched directly to durable leather soles, will still look great and have another 15 – 18 years of wear left in them

Expensive dress shoes may require resoling after 3 years or so. If you walk on pavement and the street quite a bit, leather soles wear out and need to be replaced. If you walk a lot, the soles on your shoes will need to be replaced more often. It costs around $60 to have shoes resoled. Quality dress shoe leather becomes enhanced as it gets older. The leather acquires a superior shine obtained from multiple years of high-quality shoe polish.

In summation, dress shoes, like the ones featured here from Suits Unlimited, are worth the investment because they look better, last longer and pay innumerable benefits to the owner realized through looking amazing to business associates, customers and family members for not just a year or two, but for decades.

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