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Great Tips for Prolonged Dress Shoe Life

We put together a list of easy tips to follow that will help prolong the life of

your shoes and keep them looking fresher, longer.

1. Avoid wearing leather-soled shoes in the rain.

Leather is not meant to be worn in wet weather. It will become soft and easily

damaged when it is saturated with water. Leather is porous and takes on

water...and when it does, it can be damaged if you aren't careful. If you know

it will be rainy, choose some rubber-soled boots that can handle the moisture.

If you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm, hustle home and dry out your

shoes. Don't put them by any heat source...just let them dry out naturally and

insert shoe trees once you can. This will help prevent the leather from drying

too quickly and cracking.

Here's what happens if you wear your leather soles out in the rain and rough

them up a bit...

2. Unlace your shoes when putting them on or off.

Laces are there for a reason. Shoes are not meant to be forced on or off. It

can create unnatural amounts of stress and tension on the leather and

stitching and can lead to problems. Try to unlace your shoes whenever you

are putting them on or taking them only takes a few seconds, but your