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Groom and Groomsmen, Tuxedo or Suit

Most Albuquerque grooms and groomsmen and everywhere else have had to answer the question about what he and his groomsmen should wear at his wedding. Should it be a tuxedo or wedding suit? Should you and your groomsmen go for the formal wear, or should you bring it down a notch and have everyone get some wedding suits? Maybe a groom is not so sure, if that is the case, it might be time to turn to your fiancé. It is always a safe bet to see what the bride and her bridesmaids are wearing and do something similar. If she goes formal, you do the same, and if she goes less formal, go with wedding suits. You and your fiancé oversee deciding the direction of your wedding's dress policy, formal or semi-formal. Featured below are factors to look at regarding picking tuxedos or suits for your wedding attire.


  • · Informal

  • · Multipurpose

  • · Tailored to fit

Suits are totally versatile and are normally made with a single fabric. Suits can be accessorized to make them look formal or casual. To take your wedding suit and make it look both snappy and formal, get a quality pair of socks, a sharp looking designer tie, belt and top of the line shirt. Work with your groomsmen directly and instruct them to all wear complimentary accessories so that they all look cohesive and sharp together. Suits options include both two-piece and three-piece ensembles. Wedding suits are excellent for more informal/casual weddings and, best of all they can be used again if you and your groomsmen buy them.


  • Black Tie Formal

  • Customary

  • Enduring