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Stretching your Suit Options: A Guide on How Many Times You Should Wear the Same Suit in One Week

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

When building your professional wardrobe, start with one navy blue suit and a charcoal suit. These colors suit most occasions and go with most dress shirt colors and ties.

Also, a suit only truly needs dry cleaning about 4 times a year, especially in New Mexico’s climate.

How many times can I wear a suit in a week?

The most accurate estimate is that you can wear the same suit at least three times every week with the appropriate combination.

Dress shirts, ties and accessories like belts or tie bars are key to creating different looks.

An example is wearing a solid shirt one day with a striped tie and a checkered shirt the next without wearing a necktie.

How to mix and match the suits

Of course, you may divide up each outfit to maximize wearability too. Wear black or blue trousers with a charcoal jacket.

Wear tan pants with the navy jacket

Wear a no jacket option

Wear the charcoal pants with the navy vest

Wear a pattern as well, either in a different jacket, dress shirt or tie

Tailoring & Care

Spend the money on tailoring to get the perfect fit. It will be a no brainer, knowing your slacks fit the way you like and your jacket fits the way you like.

Mixing and matching with your perfectly tailored garments will be a lot easier.

Suits Unlimited specializes in tailoring menswear if you are in need of this service.

When ready to take off your suit separates for the day remember these following tips:

Take everything out of pockets as to not stretch the inner linings

Then immediately hang them up properly, preferably in your bathroom where you will shower later. Use the steam from your shower to remove wrinkles.

If you had a particularly sweaty day, hang up your garments on separate hangers outside for an hour or so to let them air out.

That’s a quick wrap up of how you can make one or two suits last an entire week’s worth of wear. Honestly with 3 suits, 7 dress shirts, about 7 ties, and a black and cognac pair of dress shoes, the possibilities of wear are endless.


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