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The Basics of an Engagement Party

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Congratulations on your engagement! The fun part begins now: celebrating the happy occasion with family and friends.

We put together the following defining elements of an engagement party and different ways to define the occasion for not only the couple but the couples budget and guests. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this engagement party, you can also read up on another blog we did this month that incorporates ideas for an engagement party on a shoestring budget.

What is the definition of an engagement party?

An engagement party is exactly what the name suggests: a get-together to commemorate a couple's formal engagement. It's usually a get-together with friends and family members who will be attending the wedding. It's a wonderful opportunity for distant family members or friends who reside in other places to bond even more with the couple. In addition, it's a terrific opportunity for the pair to tell everyone about their relationship before the wedding. Of course, an engagement party isn't required as part of the pre-wedding festivities. Still, it's a great opportunity to celebrate your relationship milestone with the people you care about the most.

Who is responsible for throwing the engagement party?

Since it’s not a full fledged shower, bachelorette party etc., if the couple, a family member or friend wishes to throw the couple an engagement party, they are welcome to do so.

What do you do if you're invited to an engagement party?

It's all about the celebration at an engagement party. After all, the couple is about to tie the knot! Whether or not the attendees engage in other forms of entertainment is up to the event's host. Guests at a backyard engagement party, for example, might play lawn games such as cornhole. Retro trivia questions could also be entertaining if you're throwing a vintage engagement party.

Who should you invite?

You'd usually invite close friends and family members who are also attending the wedding. It's better to avoid situations like this where you invite someone to your engagement party but don't invite them to the wedding. You can invite both friends and family members or host two different parties: one for the family and another for the friends.

How do you determine the date of an engagement party?

Typically engagement parties are held soon after the couple gets engaged, like a few weeks or months after. However, if the wedding is not too far off, it could be best to keep the engagement party to a small family gathering or have it a few days after the engagement occurs. The wedding planning journey follows a party path similar to this one: Question is popped, engagement party, bridal/groom showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner and then the wedding day.

That sums up the basics of what an engagement party is and be sure to check out our blog of how to throw one on a shoestring budget!

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