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Should I Rent, or Should I Buy? - A Wedding Attire Dilemma

Updated: Feb 22

Getting the groom and his guys dressed for the wedding can lead to that one conflicting question. 🤔 Let's give you the breakdown:

The pros and the cons


  • Pro: Bundle pricing. Each garment is usually the whole package: jacket, pant, shirt, vest, and tie is all for one price.

  • Pro: Easy schedule to follow. Usually rentals are used over the weekend, everyone picks up their rentals on Thursday or Friday before a wedding and then they have to be returned in the next two days.

  • Pro: Rentals can be done fairly quickly and really only needs a few weeks' notice.

  • Pro: There are a lot of styles to choose from.

  • Con: If they are returned late, they incur a fee.

  • Con: Only minor adjustments can be made, like lengthening a coat sleeve for fixing a hem.


  • Pro: It's for keeps! The major benefit is that everyone can get their suit or tux on their own time before the wedding, pay for tailoring, and it’s theirs to keep.

  • Pro: Tailoring can be done to your liking, be mindful though, as costs can add up.

  • Con: The suit/tuxedo, the shirt, the vest, the tie, and the shoes are usually priced out individually. No combos here and selection can be limited.

  • Con: Guys run on their own individual schedule to get their suits tailored. It can be like herding cats, make sure everyone understands What they need to do.

  • Con: You are in charge of your own dry cleaning.

  • TIMING: Not a pro, not a con, just knowledge. Buying takes PLANNING (especially if you have 4 or more groomsmen). A few months of notice is best to get all the correct suit sizes & colors for all groomsmen. Especially now with the supply chain issues that have been caused by the pandemic.