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Top Advantages of Hiring an Albuquerque Wedding Planner

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

he wedding planning process can be intimidating

However, hiring a professional wedding planner has its advantages. Below we break down some of the key advantages hiring an Albuquerque wedding planner can improve your big day.

1. Wedding Planners will give assistance with tight finances and vendor agreements

Top wedding planners can give assistance with a tight wedding budget by creating deals among vendors. For instance, in most cases hiring a DJ with a complete song list instead of hiring a local popular copy band will save a considerable amount of money. Small savings multiplied by agreements with several wedding vendors for a wedding can add up to a wedding plan that matches the money available for the event.

2. Top Wedding Planners will go to bat at every turn to help you realize your dream wedding

One of the most critical advantages a wedding planner offers is having an advocate who will dig in at every turn to help you realize your dream wedding. Wedding vendors often juggle multiple events during the wedding season. Conversely, your wedding planner's only agenda to make certain all tasks are completed on time and all your wedding components are delivered and set up properly such as table arrangements, decorations, flatware and plates.

3. Wedding Planners are focused on maintaining a zero-stress event

Wedding vendors will confirm that weddings done with a wedding planner compared to ones done with the couple or their folks will help maintain a zero-stress event that stays on track throughout.

4. Wedding Planners can negotiate vendor price cuts and negotiate added perks due to volume and preferred status

High volume regular customer perks come into play for a wedding planner that couples most likely will not see. Moreover, wedding planners get better deals price wise because they bring business to several set vendors on a regular basis. In both instances, the lovely couple comes out ahead and stays in line with their wedding budget. [1]

5. Wedding Planners are pros at quickly converting a space from the wedding to the reception.

Flipping a space from the nuptials to the wedding reception takes complex coordination and major effort. Wedding planners prove their worth when it comes time to getting this done on time. Many wedding venues are used by multiple wedding parties in one day. Taking a space and flipping it from the prior event’s reception to a wedding ceremony space and back again takes skill.

6. Wedding Planners will assist you in managing the entire event from start to finish, not just one component of it.

Weddings that take place at several in-house coordinator venues most likely will not need much event managing. However, in-house coordinators will manage agreement services only. Chances are they may only focus on their agreed-to contractual services and not assist you with specific tasks related to that event outside of their venue. Small items and details are the tasks a wedding planner manages and makes sure they get completed. Wedding venues and hotels hold multiple weddings each weekend, so your wedding is just one of many over an entire year. A wedding planner’s primary goal is to make certain your wedding is pulled off without a hitch.

A wedding Planner can also consult on the wedding tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses as well. Classic or contemporary looks, seasonal colors, and choice of fit (traditional, modern, or slim fit). We at Suits Unlimited can assist with that as well and we have worked with many of Albuquerque’s best wedding planners. We have been providing wedding tuxedos for over 35 years. We have extensive knowledge and selection to help make it a beautiful day.

Despite a wedding planner’s well-known advantages, hiring one might not be realistic for some. It might help to reach out to a wedding planner about a pared down package or a tailored plan. Many of Albuquerque’s local wedding planners are incredible folks and simply enjoy weddings. We highly suggest considering one if possible.


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