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Top Wedding Moves for 2024 Grooms

One of your life's most meaningful and unforgettable days should be your wedding. Here are a few helpful hints and techniques to help make your big day as easy and fun as possible. Peruse these handy guides below for tips on what to wear on your wedding day for both couples and grooms. 

Stop Worrying about Little Things

Here's my top tip for anything wedding-related: don't worry if you feel overwhelmed by the work ahead of you. The key is that you get to marry the person of your dreams, and all your favorite people will be there with you. It always works out on the day. Everything else will work itself out.

Be Yourself

Avoid dressing for other people! Make sure that whatever you wear—from a dress to a suit to shoes—makes you feel good about yourself and comfortable on your special day. Many brides and grooms struggled on their wedding day because they selected outfits or shoes that didn't fit their style. Don't wear formal shoes if you don't like them.

Wear something more colorful if a formal suit doesn't make you feel good about yourself. The most important thing is to be ultimately yourself on your wedding day. Put everyone else out of your mind.

Try Your Outfit Before the Special Day

Before the big day, most grooms will undoubtedly try on their suits, but many will not put them on with the shirt, shoes, and socks. Try it to ensure there are no unpleasant shocks on the day.

Fasten Your Time

Many men don't wear ties to work, so if you need help knotting one, look for a YouTube instructional or ask a relative for instructions. Doing this the day before and then tightening it the day of might be helpful.

Pocket Square

Like ties, most men do not know how to fold pocket squares, so practice before the big day. Once again, YouTube has many step-by-step instructions for folding various pocket squares.

Don't be Afraid to Experiment with Colors

Try something different and don't feel you must wear a black suit on your wedding day! There are plenty of unique designs and hues to choose from! Consider adding flair to your shirt, tie, or pocket square if you prefer a dark suit. To look and feel your best is what matters most.


The little cluster of flowers groomsmen wear on their lapels and they are consistently attached to the LEFT lapel. Most florists will give you long single pins but request giant safety pins instead. With only one pin, it might be challenging to get them straight, and you might not want your suit to have many holes in it.

Another choice is the newest fashion of pocket flowers, which fit nicely inside the pocket, stay put, and arrange themselves appropriately. Also, you can keep your fine suit free of any holes. They also have an excellent appearance.

Accessories You Need

Remember to use your accessories to express your style and personality! Accessorizing your wedding day attire with cufflinks, tie pins, socks, and timepieces may offer some flare. A pocket watch on a chain is incredibly stylish, and adding subtle accents to your outfit makes it even more memorable on the big day.

Dress According to the Season

Advise brides to consider the season while selecting their wedding day attire. Wearing a linen dress without a waistcoat or a shirt, waistcoat, and braces is quite a stylish option for a summer wedding! Save the bulky wool outfits for weddings in the autumn and winter.

Have Access to an Iron

Make sure everyone in your bridal party has access to an iron on the big day. If you're in a different kind of location, make sure you get your hands on an iron. Most hotels and wedding venues provide an iron as standard practice. Even while everything seems flawless to you, others may not agree.

Keep the Phones Out of Your Hands & Pocket

Photographers and videographers find this very annoying. Ditch the phones from your pants pocket only for the day. Store it with someone close by or in the inner pocket of your jacket.

Have a Checklist

Ensure you have a brief checklist for your wedding party's attire and one for yourself. Include the following items: Shoes, tights, bras, knickers, dress shoes, socks, shorts, trousers, shirts, ties, and jackets. Giving someone a checklist of their clothes might be helpful since, while it seems obvious, many people forget their shirts or shoes.


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