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What Men Should Not Wear to a Job Interview

When you are interviewing for a job the first thing the employer sees about you, besides your resume and cover letter, is how you are dressed. It is important to look good and make a great first impression when you show up for a job interview. To make sure you do not wear something that would ruin your chances at your interview here is a guide on how to make it happen:

The Suit Color Matters

In the last decade or so, some dress codes have changed in certain career fields. Many have turned to more business casual looks or even casual dress. Do your research when applying for a job. Check out their facebook page, their website, or simply stop in and see how the employees dress. This gives insight to company culture and what they deem appropriate.

However, we are still firm believers in showing up for an interview in a suit. When in doubt, 99.9% of the time a grey or navy suit will never steer you wrong. While it might seem like a no brainer, a black suit is not actually a great choice to wear for an interview. The color black can seem flashy or indicate power, when trying to get hired, you might want to indicate you are a team player and trustworthy. Navy’s and grays tend to indicate tranquility and willingness to learn.

Poor-Fitting Suits

Regardless if you are interviewing for a traditional job with a historical conservative reputation such as a position at a law firm, a big financial institution, local bank or at a less conservative business like a software company or a social media company, you do not want to present yourself as a slob or slovenly in an ill-fitting suit. You will give the direct impression that you do not care and that you may be a slob. In 2020 a nice suit can be purchased and tailored to fit at most local independent menswear stores. When it comes to apparel dress and success at an interview the smart move is to pay attention to details, make sure it is clean and that it is pressed. Your goal is to impress the interviewer with quality responses not drag their attention toward your attire.


In most cases a necktie should be worn with a suit, especially to an interview A bow tie is either appropriate for a formal occasion or when you want to show off some personality. Save the fun bow ties for when you are comfortably settled in your workplace. When it comes to the interview, go with a tie that has minimal or conservative patterns and compliments your suit and shirt.

Dress Casual Sneakers/Running Shoes/Basketball Shoes