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Factors Why You Need to Plan Your Suit and Accessories the Night Before Work

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You can save time and avoid making groggy morning-style mistakes if you plan out your outfit, including your accessories and suit. Give yourself fifteen minutes the night before to select your outfit, so you do not have remorse over the strange outfit choices you made before coffee. The most challenging aspect of this process is committing to continue, just as it is with relationships and physical activity. If you can do that, everything else will be easy.

Plan your outfit for the next day as follows:

● Before getting started, If you don't already have one, you should invest in a full-length mirror. Find one that includes hooks on the back for hanging clothes. Always place your mirror in a well-lit location of your residence.

● Determine what the weather will be like and select your wardrobe appropriately.

● Remember everything, not even minor details like your shoes, socks, underwear, tie, belt, watch, or sunglasses should go unaccounted for.

● If necessary, iron both your shirt and your pants.

Put everything on a hook and hang it up. It is convenient to have a specific location to store the clothing you will wear the following day. You could hang a little hook on the back of your closet door or get a great mirror with a clothing hook. Take a step back and do an analysis. This action is a perfect stress-free opportunity to adjust your outfit because work is not in another 10 minutes but instead 10 hours. If you are successful, it will be the last day you will ever have to spend the morning rushing about and getting worked up over stressful decisions about what to wear at the last minute.

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