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Fashion Intelligence for Men's Suit Color Choice

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Style is more than just a carefully tailored suit. It's about expressing yourself through the colors, fits, and fabrics chosen for your look. Seasonal color trends provide an easy way to stay up-to-date with fashion while showing off your style savvy. But it's not just about being in vogue; looking good can be an act of self-respect that speaks volumes without saying a word.

It demonstrates that you take pride in yourself and how you present yourself to the world. A well-put-together ensemble can significantly impact those around us - after all, first impressions count!

Seasonal color approach

With that said, it is not necessarily required to strictly abide by seasonal fashion norms. No one will give you a side-eye if your outfit doesn't match the calendar - but it's best to ensure that what you're wearing won't clash with the occasion. For example, dark colors are great for winter events, while light blues and grays feel more appropriate during summer gatherings, and vice versa!

Here's how we can match the vibes of each season with the "right color":

  • Spring – Imagine a vibrant garden! Your go-to colors should be warm and light, like yellow, pink, and all sorts of warm pastels.

  • Summer – Picture a chilly day at the beach! This season calls for cool, light shades. So, consider colors like purple, blue, and green.

  • Autumn – Think of a forest in fall! This season's palette is all about dark, warm colors like brown, burnt orange, and dark red.

  • Winter – Envision a snowy night! Your color choices for this season should be dark and cool. Think black, grey, navy blue, and pine green.

No matter the time of year, there's no need to feel like you must adhere to seasonal color trends strictly. Don't think that one type of wardrobe categorization is more important than another; a winter-toned person doesn't have to wear their typical colors all the time. So, although these guidelines exist, they're not set in stone and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Instead, use them to inspire your style choices, be bold, and experiment with different looks!

Summing it All Up

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