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First Date Apparel - What to Wear to Look Great

First Date Apparel

A Great Fit is Everything

What really counts is that the ensemble fits your body right. The best applied strategy is to go with a fitted line where your outfit hugs nicely, but nowhere near the point of fitting skinny jeans tight. Here are some basic menswear tips to nail a first date look:


  • Jackets should fall squarely on your shoulders and sleeves should meet your wrist bone

  • Jacket length should meet the middle of your palm when your arms are by your side for proper length

  • Button only the top button when standing and unbutton when sitting

  • Don’t wear a jacket while driving, lay it in the backseat or on a coat hanger in the back

Slacks or Jeans

  • Slacks should be worn about two inches below the belly button

  • Slack hems should not drag on the floor or look like cropped pants, they should be a little above the back heel of your shoe

  • Keep jeans on the darker side and no holes or rips

Dress Shirts and Casual Shirts

  • Shirts should not appear blousy or baggy, but allow a bit of give for general movement

  • Any type of shirt you wear should be ironed

  • Button down untucked shirts, keep the bottom button undone

Dress Shoes and Casual Shoes

  • Dress shoes should always be shi

ned before the date

  • Casual shoes should be cleaned

Accessories and Details

  • Unless your date is in a very formal setting, a necktie is not usually needed

  • Belt colors should always match the dress shoes

  • Limit your jewelry choices, like a nice watch or just cufflinks if you favor french cuff shirts, etc.

  • Limit your cologne usage, a tiny amount on the wrist and neck goes a long way

The Whole Look

  • Keep ensembles on the darker side, meaning navy, charcoal, or grey jackets and/or slacks, especially for an evening date

  • Go over everything with a lint roller before heading out the door

Factor in Your Date Location When Choosing Your Outfit

Are you meeting for a drink at a swanky joint where most people dress nicely or are you getting a beer at a local micro-brewery?

Wearing the right outfit for the meeting counts, so pick what you wear predicated on where you are meeting up. Your date will factor in the location of your date and its vibe. You can count on them to count on you to dress accordingly. For instance, if you show up for your first date at brewpub in a suit, unless you are coming from court or a business meeting, it will probably be a bit awkward.

Follow up on some of the tips we suggested above and you can’t go wrong, maybe even getting a second date because of how sharp you looked.

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