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First Date Apparel - What to Wear to Look Great

First Date Apparel

A Great Fit is Everything

What really counts is that the ensemble fits your body right. The best applied strategy is to go with a fitted line where your outfit hugs nicely, but nowhere near the point of fitting skinny jeans tight. Here are some basic menswear tips to nail a first date look:


  • Jackets should fall squarely on your shoulders and sleeves should meet your wrist bone

  • Jacket length should meet the middle of your palm when your arms are by your side for proper length

  • Button only the top button when standing and unbutton when sitting

  • Don’t wear a jacket while driving, lay it in the backseat or on a coat hanger in the back

Slacks or Jeans

  • Slacks should be worn about two inches below the belly button

  • Slack hems should not drag on the floor or look like cropped pants, they should be a little above the back heel of your shoe

  • Keep jeans on the darker side and no holes or rips

Dress Shirts and Casual Shirts

  • Shirts should not appear blousy or baggy, but allow a bit of give for general movement

  • Any type of shirt you wear should be ironed

  • Button down untucked shirts, keep the bottom button undone

Dress Shoes and Casual Shoes

  • Dress shoes should always be shi

ned before the date

  • Casual shoes should be cleaned