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Guys 8 Step Guide to an Awesome Prom

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Since the previous two years have been so difficult, this year's prom is unique. As a result, it makes perfect sense to do all in our power to ensure that this year's event goes off without a hitch. A step-by-step approach to a memorable prom is provided here.

Step One: 4 months prio

  • Put some money aside today!

  • Decide on a budget when you've calculated the total cost of the big night.

  • If your prom ticket does not include a meal, choose a place to dine.

  • Inquire about the amount of financial assistance your parents may provide you. Don’t be shy. They may say yes.

Step two: two months prior

  • Decide who will be driving you, your date, or friends.

  • Consider booking a limo with a group of friends.

Step three: six weeks prior

  • Once upon a time, prom invitations were as simple as a phone call to your crush.

  • It's all about the proposal now, baby. For prom, you must think outside the box and seek your pals' aid if you don't have the creative juices to do it independently.

  • Food, balloons, and sticky notes have all been used in some of the most creative prom proposals.

Step 4: Four weeks prior

  • Tickets may be purchased here. The gentlemanly thing is to pay for your and your date's prom tickets rather than share the cost. Although it may appear expensive, your date is probably spending a lot of time and money on the proper clothing, haircut, cosmetics, and nails (an, let's not forget about the pedicure).

  • Don't forget about the deadlines! You don't want to be the guy who fails to get prom tickets at your high school, and most schools have a cut-off date for tickets.

  • Make transportation arrangements. There should always be a plan for getting yourself and your date to prom, whether you drive your vehicle, take a family minivan, or borrow your dad's beloved '65 Mustang. Renting a limo with a large group of friends is a fun and outstanding choice if you don't want to drive or don't have a license.

Step Five-2 weeks before

  • Dinner reservations should be made as soon as possible. This step is not necessary if your prom ticket includes dinner. If you haven't already, dial-up your favorite restaurant's phone number and make a reservation. Choose a nearby great sit-down restaurant that you and your date will love (no fast food, please!). Make reservations as soon as possible, whether you're traveling alone or with a group of pals. Everyone in your class will be doing the same, and the most desirable location in town will be taken. Most men will also pay for supper, much like they do for prom tickets.

  • Snap a pic of your date’s dress color for formal wear color matching.

  • Purchase a flower corsage.

  • Get a haircut.

  • Suits Unlimited can help you rent a tuxedo. When it comes to prom, guys have it easy and don't have to worry about what to wear or whether John is wearing the same black tux as they are. Men typically rent a black tuxedo from a local formalwear store (although white is also an option) to wear to a prom. It's OK to wear a black suit if it's well-fitting and decent quality. Keep it ironed and clean to ensure your most pleasing appearance.

  • Select the color to go inside your suit or tuxedo. The most popular ties worn to prom are black or white bow ties. On the other hand, men may liven up their date night with an emotional connection that matches their outfits. Whether you're looking for something bright and cheery or more subdued and understated, we've got something for everyone.

  • Socks are a must-have! Socks in an intense color, a stripe of your school's colors, or a funky novelty design are great options for the prom.

Step 6-two days before

  • Wash your automobile from the inside out.

  • Pick up your tux from Suits Unlimited and try it on.

Step 7—1 day before or on the day of

  • Pick up a flower corsage

  • Make sure you have extra cash.

  • Have fun!

Step 8: The Day After

  • Return your suit or tux to Suits Unlimited.


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