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Suits Unlimited's Guide to Renting or Buying Your 2022 Prom Tux or Suit

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Prom 2022 is here! Suits Unlimited has the latest styles of slim and modern fit tuxes and suits, including multi-colored patterned coats, and shoes to make you look like a million bucks on your special night.

We have the hottest looks in renting or buying for the night. These days prom goers can rent a tux or suit, or they can buy. Suits Unlimited is the center for all your prom apparel needs. Here is a breakdown of the steps you need to take to rent or buy your tux or suit from Suits Unlimited.

How Do Rentals Work?

  • Find your Style - Come in a week or so before your event. Check out all our styles & pick your look. Matching a date? Bring a photo of their outfit.

  • Get Measured - After picking your style, we measure you & take a down payment. We need at least $35 down to get your order, then pay the balance at pick up.

  • Finishing Touches - The Thursday before your Prom, come in and try on your outfit. We want to make sure you look fly and fix any hems or press it to perfection.

  • Slay & Return - Bust a move at your event and then return it to us the next day. We are open on Sundays from 12pm-5pm. Just get it back in the bag and bring it in.

Want to Buy a Suit Instead?

  • Find your Style - Starting at $199, get a suit (matching jacket & pants). We have a variety of solid colors and unique patterns.

  • Let's Tailor - After picking out your suit, let's fit it exactly to your liking. Tailoring can average about $30 more but it's a perfect fit.

  • Final Fitting - Tailoring takes a few days or sooner with a $25 express fee. We text you when it's done to come in and try it on.

  • Slay & Keep - Your suit is yours after prom is done! Now you have a suit for graduation, a wedding, a presentation and more.

Match Your Date

  • Color matches your date – Add style and pizzazz with a colorful tie & vest that coordinates with your date. We have a variety of colorful (and affordable) options that go that small extra step to score big points and show you care. Visit our online My Tux gallery and check out all the available colors. It will be easy to match your date’s dress.

Prom is sooner than you think, so take action and come by Suits Unlimited to pick your style, get measured, and make your down payment so you’re all set for prom 2022

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