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How to Take Excellent Care of the Dress Shirts in Your Wardrobe

People who are in their teens and twenties are often decked out in a t-shirt and jeans, which is certainly a permissible outfit to wear. But as people mature and aspire in life to look good, wearing sharp looking duds as opposed to dressing casually, becomes more important. There is a positive feeling that one gains from looking sharp to others and to yourself. Part of dressing snappy is wearing a classy well cared for dress shirt. Taking good care of dress shirts is not hard, but it does take commitment. To learn more about this topic read on.

Dress Shirt Care Tips

Top-quality dress shirts only last so long, but while they are being worn, they should look sharp and be kept clean. They can be kept looking new for an extended time by being cared for correctly. Dress shirts that are washed too often age out and become useless and unwearable more quickly because the fabric fibers become damaged. If your work involves physical activity when wearing a dress shirt where you sweat, your shirts need to be washed regularly. If your work is in an office at a desk or any other type of sedentary job, you may be able to wear your dress shirts a handful of times before needing to wash them. Your dress shirts will last longer if they are washed less often.

Maintaining Snappy Looking Dress Shirts

It takes time and effort to maintain your dress shirts where they continue to look good. There are several ways to maintain your shirts that require your check book and not your time and vice versa. Featured below are ways to consider using along with a handful of suggestions to assist you in reducing how often you need to run your washing machine.

  1. Local Dry Cleaner Wash and Press Service

  2. Old School Method: Wash, Spray Starch, and Iron at the House

  3. Method to Increase the Time Your Dress Shirts Look Good

  4. Best Practices for Ironing Your Dress Shirts

Local Dry Cleaner Wash and Press Service

Local dry cleaners do not dry clean dress shirts. They launder them the traditional way, then press them using light starch. The typical cost can run from $1.99 to $4.00 per shirt. This method is convenient, it is affordable, and it maintains your dress shirts so they look fantastic. Keep all dry cleaner washed and press shirts in the plastic sleeve in your closet until you wear them. Put the shirt back in the same plastic bag and wear it a second or third time, if it makes sense to do so.

Quick Tip: Be sure to communicate and show your dry cleaner where stains are on your dress shirts when you bring them in to be washed and pressed. If you do not, they will wash your stained shirts and bake in the stains permanently when they press them.

Old School Method: Wash, Spray Starch, and Iron at the House

For those with their own washing machine or for those that bring their clothes to the local laundromat, this method is immediate, affordable and it provides you the ability to take care of buttons, collars and tough to notice stains.