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Menswear Wardrobe Moves to Make You Look Slimmer Until You are Slimmer

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In order to look slim, exercise and eating right are key, but there is one more crucial element: your clothes! Feel more confident when you prep your wardrobe and wear form-fitted or tailored clothing. Here are some easy tips for men to look their best! Combine them all for the extra wow factor.

  1. Wear Black - but Avoid Big Patterns and Loud Color Prints

You may have heard that wearing black makes you look slimmer. Well, it is true. Black hides anything extra and almost everyone already has some in their wardrobe. Remember, avoid big patterns and prints or bright colors.

  1. Don’t cut your body in half with two tones

Go for minimal or no contrast in colors between the top and bottom halves of your body. You will look shorter and broader if you combine a bright color with a dark color. Stay monochromatic and remember, the darker the colors the better. Similarly, do not wear a cross-body bag across your chest as it may emphasize width.

  1. Do wear 3-piece suits – or get close to it

Suits are designed to optimally frame the body and this formal clothing is underused anyway. Even if you only wear the jacket or trouser, you are still ahead! Invest in suits as their structure creates a lean and classy look. A couple of high-quality casual or formal jackets will go a long way.

  1. Wear the right sized clothing.

Make sure your sizes are always updated and don’t wear baggy clothes. Clothes that are too big are just as bad as clothes that are too tight. Extra hanging fabric just adds to bulges. Pleats, loose fitted clothing, high-waisted pants, round-necks, or crew necks follow the same principle. All of those add more fabric and bulk, so cut those out of your slim-up wardrobe. Instead, wear point collars or V-necks. Wear clothes that fit you correctly. If you are self-conscious about your belly, you can untuck your shirt with jeans, but just make sure the shirt is a good fit. Do not suffocate or swim in your clothes. Let them fit your form.

  1. Go for vertical stripes

It’s obvious, but most people don’t take advantage of this great tip. While horizontal stripes or checked patterns emphasize the width of your body, vertical stripes emphasize the length of your body. A suit or trouser with vertical pinstripes is ideal but keep the pattern minimal. You will look taller and slimmer.

Remember, you can combine one or more of these tips for even more slimming looks. So if you are on a weight loss journey, keep eating right and exercising regularly, but while you are in progress, follow these five great tips to look slimmer until you get there.

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