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New Suit Pockets are Sewn Shut, Why??

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

serious man wearing a suit

Have you ever wondered about those sealed pockets on the outside of a suit jacket? You're not alone! We get this question all the time at Suits Unlimited. A brand-new jacket comes with the front pockets sewn shut. This fact can be puzzling, especially if you're new to wearing suits.

You might look at these pockets and ask yourself: "Is that a real pocket? Should I try poking it open?" And perhaps the most perplexing one, "Why is it sealed in the first place?" Hang tight we’ll tackle these questions and more. Plus, we have some insider info about a hidden zipped pocket for you.

Well, believe it or not, it's mainly for looks. A suit with its pockets sewn shut appears neater and more uniform. Some of us prefer to keep them that way just for aesthetics. But wait… there's more!

But don't get me wrong - these pockets aren't just for show! They can be handy too! Want somewhere discreet to stash small items? Or maybe need a spot for an extra button – just in case one pops off during your big presentation or dinner date? These pockets are right up your alley.

Benefits of Opening the Suit Pockets

  • It's handy for sunglasses, pocket squares, or a pen.

  • It's a cozy spot for your hands on cold days.

  • Let's face it, sealed pockets can be odd.

Benefits of Keeping Suit Pockets closed

  • Keeping it original preserves that fresh suit look

  • Open pockets can create unneeded extra bulk.

  • Uncertain? It's easier to open than reseal.

  • They could stretch out over time if opened and may cause a tiny gap

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you have a specific purpose in mind or can't shake that nagging feeling that prefers it open, go ahead! Whatever path you choose, rest assured that you'll still look fabulous in your suit.

ProTip: Watch out for fakes

Word of warning - some suits have sneaky fake pockets! Trying to open these imposters will result in a sad little hole. How do you tell the posers from the real deal? Scope out for a connecting string. Snip the string inside the pocket and resolve the issue if it's there. No string? Don't even try! Don't stress, though – most suits come with genuine pockets waiting to be opened.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening Suit Pockets

If you've decided to jump right in and open those pockets, here's a thorough guide to help you get the job done right:

1. Arm yourself with a small, pointed pair of scissors (think sewing or cuticle ones). Locate a well-lit, distraction-free zone to work in. You'll need to focus and see what you're doing.

2. Pull at the pocket area until you identify the threads holding the two sides together. It might take some time, but eventually, you'll locate the exact threads that need removing.

3. Take a deep breath and carefully snip the tread. It may require a few snips along the thread. If the threads are long and loose, you can tug the pocket open with just a little effort. The most crucial rule to follow: only snip the thread and keep scissors away from the pocket fabric or the suit itself.

4. Once you've opened the pocket, it's time to clean up. Remove any leftover loose or snipped threads by pulling them away from the pocket area. This final step should be a breeze!


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