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Smart Tools and Strategies to Care for Your Suit and Keep it Clean

The original purchase and any adjustments are often the first two items that come to mind when considering the costs of having a suit made. With these facts in mind, one overlooked expense is maintaining a suit. To be more precise, we should refer to it not as a cost but as an offset of potential future expenses. Suits treated with proper maintenance have a longer lifespan and retain their sharper appearance during that time. This section will give you the resources and advice required to care for your suits and maintain their cleanliness properly. Maintaining the quality of your suits doesn't take much effort, and the costs associated with doing so are relatively low.

Utilize Coat Hangers of High Quality

We all have them, but are they tailored to your dimensions? When you get the right size suit, it will hang from your shoulders appropriately, which will help it hold its form better. Use wide hangers. Using hangers that are too skinny or too pointy can distort the contour of your clothing. For example, T-shirts and polo can grow "nipples" at the point where the end of the garment hangs on the hangar. There is no specific advantage to using wooden hangers unless they are produced from untreated cedar, as we will explain in more detail below. Other than that, there is no benefit to using wooden hangers. In a nutshell, it is essential to acquire coat hangers of a good grade.

Make Sure You Have Enough Closet Space, and Invest in Some Garment Bags

Unfortunately, due to the larger coat hangers suggested, you now require additional storage space for your suitcoats. It is essential to offer enough room for your suits to hang inside the closet properly when stored. Your clothing risks developing wrinkles when packed too closely together. In a similar vein, sealed in too closely, air won't be able to flow freely, which can lead to the accumulation of moisture and damage the fibers. In addition, we strongly recommend that you store all coats and suits in garment bags to protect them from dust and moths. Finally, it would be best if you made it a point to choose breathable clothing bags. When sealed, air won't be able to flow as it should, which might lead to condensation forming on the inside of them.

Using Cedar Blocks & Shavings

In a nutshell, there are three primary advantages associated with the utilization of cedar:

● Cedar has been proven to be an effective natural insecticide.

● It can soak up any remaining moisture.

Cedar has a lovely aroma that transfers to fabrics.

Did you know that a single moth may lay more than one hundred eggs? Consequently, these creepy crawlies can devour your clothing like nobody's business! Cedar alone will not solve a moth infestation problem for you. When you get moths in your closet or your clothes, wash your clothes immediately. Both methods involve subjecting the clothing to high heat to eradicate the larvae. After that, vacuum frequently and, if required, invest in some moth traps. As a preventative strategy, you should use Dr. Killington's moth traps. After some time, the smell of cedar may fade from the blocks. You may sometimes refresh them with a few drops of cedar essential oil to revitalize them when necessary. Just be careful not to get any on your clothes since the high quantity of oil can ruin the fibers in textiles if it