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Suit Rentals

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You can rent a suit for your upcoming event. We not only sell suits but rent them too. Below we go over who could benefit from a suit rental versus buying.

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Who would need a suit rental?

Here are some of the scenarios that would warrant renting a suit vs buying one.

  • Individuals who don't wear suits on the regular

  • Weight fluctuations that make it difficult to buy tailored clothing

  • Kids or teens who are still growing

  • Attending an event that is requiring a specific color of suit

Renting a suit comes with many benefits.

  • For one price all pieces are included. Typically, rentals include a coat, pant, shirt, tie and vest. When purchasing a suit, usually only the coat and pant are included.

  • Renting a suit is typically cheaper than buying one.

    • Our suit rentals here at Suits Unlimited start at $139. You can rent a black or grey suit with all the included pieces for that price. For $199 we offer additional colors of suits, like Navy and Tan.

  • You don't have to clean it once your event is over, just bag it up and return it.

  • You can try out different styles without committing to buy one. There are many different options in suit rentals, as well as fits. If you decide to make a purchase later down the road, you can rent a suit to how you like it.

In Conclusion

Our rule of thumb is, if you have events where you will need to wear a suit for at least once a year, than it's time to invest vs. renting.

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