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Suits Unlimited's Suit Maintenance Guide for Maximum Suit Life

People have asked why suits seem worn out after only a couple of months and if suits are not made today in the same way they formerly were. In many cases, the remedy is as simple as doing routine maintenance. Your outfit is incredibly hard-working. After a long day at work, it has most likely absorbed various contaminants, including dust, sweat, heat, food, and even skin. Therefore, your outfit is deserving of some tender loving care. The following advice will help extend your outfit's life via proper care and maintenance.

Airing it out

After each day, after wearing your suit hang it on a butler stand or a coat hanger with the right form. Your suit should stay the night in a well-ventilated portion of the home, such as the hallway or near a window. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. If you give the suit some time to dry out, the natural fibers can return to their original shape, making it seem as good as new. You should rotate your suits so that you do not wear the same suit twice in a row, and you should not wear the same suit more than twice every week.

Do not wash – dry clean only.

Keep in mind that your wool suits can only be dry cleaned properly by a trained specialist. In most cases, dry cleaning necessitates the use of harsh chemicals, which, over time, can cause natural fibers to become drier. Get your suit dry cleaned anywhere from once every three months to once every six months, depending on how often you use it. It is important to take fast action to remove any food stains by wiping them with a moist cloth. Bring the suit to your neighborhood dry cleaner to get it steam-pressed if you want to give it a new lease of life in preparation for an important event or meeting.

Get two pairs

If you are like most males who need to wear a suit daily, then there is a good probability that you have worn the same pair of pants for many days. Wearing the same pair of pants day after day indicates that the pants will always become worn out more quickly than the jacket. Then you will have the suit jacket, and it will be difficult to find pants that match it in stores again. Buying TWO sets of pants simultaneously as purchasing the suit is the easiest answer to this problem.

Placed atop a saddle

A saddle is a triangular fabric that rests in the crotch portion of the pants. Saddles are often constructed from cotton, silk, or polyester and have a triangle shape. The saddle serves to prevent the legs and the cloth from chafing against one another, and it also has the potential to absorb sweat and heat while enhancing slipperiness. It is a common problem for pants to become worn out in the crotch, especially considering that men in Brisbane prefer to choose suits made of thinner fabric to better deal with our hot weather. Installing a silk/poly saddle in the crotch area of the pants will enable them to wear down more slowly in that place. However, it is not a foolproof approach.

Obtain the appropriate equipment.