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Ten Easy Steps to Albuquerque DIY Starched Shirts


ashed and starched shirts from the dry cleaners or a professional laundry service look good. Going this route is a sure fire way to have nice looking shirts to wear continuously. However, using a laundry/dry cleaning service all the time can get expensive, especially if you have several shirts in your regular rotation. You might be surprised that you can wash, starch, and iron your shirts at home and end up with them looking as good as a professional laundry service. Here is a list of steps to follow to launder, starch and iron your dress shirts

Supplies and tools you will need to do the job are as follows:

  • Liquid starch

  • Big sink or washtub

  • Ironing board

  • Ironing board high-quality heat-reflective cover

  • High-quality iron

  • Clothes hangers

Facts to Know Before You Start

To get a snappy looking starched shirt, start by picking a shirt made with the appropriate fabric. For a shirt to iron well after it has been starched, it must be a woven fabric. A knit fabric shirt with starch in it will not iron to a desired crisp shirt look.

Natural fiber shirts made with linen or cotton will keep the starch and an ironed crisp look longer than shirts made with a blend of natural and synthetic material or a shirt made with 100% synthetic material. Shirts labeled dry clean only will not absorb enough starch for it to iron to a crisp look.

Begin by washing your shirts. Be sure to use stain remover before washing your shirts so they are completely stain-free before you starch and iron them.

1. Prepare the starch for your shirts

Add two cups of liquid starch and 3 gallons to the sink in your laundry room or to a big plastic wash bin.