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The Dress Code Invitation Guide for Events from Black Tie to Fancy Cocktail

Welcome to the ballroom! We're so glad you could make it. As you scan the room, you can't help but notice that everyone is dressed a bit differently. And by different, we mean not at all like you were expecting. Shorts, sneakers, and even jeans abound!

Here's a classic example of why a host needs to make sure they include a dress code on invitations. You need to make sure the wording is clear to avoid surprises!

Dress Code Request: White Tie

While a sense of elegance has largely faded and become more optional, when you specifically mention "white tie," it lets your guests know that this is a formal event. This means men will have to wear white ties (surprise!) and women can break out their most formal gowns - complete with long-sleeved gloves if they're so inclined. Delicate jewelry is the order of the day, and no expense is spared in terms of accessories.

White Tie for Men:

  • · Black tailcoat

  • · Matching trousers

  • · White shirt with studs and cuff links

  • · White bow tie

  • · Suspenders (yes, I said suspenders!)

  • · Black patent-leather shoes and black knee-length socks

Black Tie for Men:

  • · Black tuxedo. If the tuxedo in your closet is old, ill-fitting and makes you look like a penguin, rental tuxedos are available at most men's clothing stores.

  • · A white dinner jacket if the event is in a tropical climate

  • · White starched shirt with studs and cuff links

  • · Cummerbund (No