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The Ultimate Albuquerque Dry Cleaning Your Suit Frequency Rule of Thumb

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

It is important to know that clothes with the label “dry clean only” cannot be washed in the washing machine at home. A common question related to dry cleaning is how frequently you should dry clean your clothes. The answer depends on several factors like what type of material it is made up of, frequency of wear, and how filthy they are. However, it is recommended that the clothes that cannot be washed at home must be dry cleaned after you wear them three to four times.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

When you take your garments to the dry cleaners each item is first tagged and then it is inspected for any kind of damage and left items in the pocket. Once your clothes are inspected, they are passed through a preliminary treatment process, which removes any stains. The clothes are then washed with a chemical product that is waterless in a large machine. Once this washing is done, the clothes are again inspected to make sure it’s stain free. For the stains that did not come out, spot cleaning is employed to target the specific area containing the stain. The clothes are then ironed and hung once the cleaning process is done.

Why Do Certain Clothes Require Dry Cleaning?

Each fabric has a different reaction when it is washed with water and given heat to dry it. For instance, if wool, silk, or velvet are washed with water they will change. Silk will not be as shiny as before; the texture and shine of velvet will be lost and wool, if washed, will become ruined and unwearable.

Clothes Dry Cleaning Frequency Rules to Follow

The frequency of dry cleaning depends on how many times a garment has been worn and how filthy it is.

Business suits

For business suits, it is recommended to dry clean them after wearing them three or four times as they are not in direct contact with your skin.

Formal suits

Formal suits are normally worn one or two times a year and as business suits. Because they are worn often with a t-shirt and dress shirt, they are not in direct contact with your skin, so they require dry cleaning after you wear them three or four times or one time in a season if they are only worn for formal occasions.


You can dry clean your blouses and shirts after wearing them three or four times if they are free from stains. However, silk blouses should be cleaned after each time you wear them.

Pants and shirts

Like blouses, shirts and pants can be cleaned after wearing them three or four times if they are stain-free.

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