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The Ultimate Guide for Assembling a Wardrobe for the Professional Man

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


ing your professional career can be full of challenges but keeps the fear of fashion choices from taking over. We've got you covered with a foolproof formula to nail your starter wardrobe and put all that energy back into conquering the workplace.

We have been experimenting with slim-cut slacks or tailored blazers. We provide simple steps to get those basics right so you can focus on what matters - advancing in your career!

The Base Wardrobe for New Professionals

As a young professional, it's essential to have a wardrobe that reflects the same level of care and professionalism as your work. Building an entire closet can be expensive, so what should you prioritize?

To get started on the right note, here are some key points you may apply:


Begin with eight dress shirts. To keep things fresh, aim for a three-week rotation.

What should those be? My advice - start with four new white shirts. Add two solid blues next. Lastly, sprinkle in 2 patterned ones for variety. Just remember, white shirts can reveal wear and tear faster. If you want your shirts to last longer, bet on blue.


A man's outfit is only complete with the right shoes and belt. You must have black ones. Seek out high-quality pieces. They may be pricier, but they'll serve you well for many years.

And here's a neat trick: consider a cap-toe shoe with a high polish. Perfect for those fancy events!


As your clothing collection grows, don't forget to expand your brown shoe section. Acquire more brown than black. Brown shoes jive with almost all colors. Why not consider wing tips or monk straps to kickstart your brown shoe collection? Both are terrific, stylish options.


Let's remember the navy blazer. It's your wardrobe's Swiss Army knife. Perfect for work. Fantastic with jeans or casual pants to spruce up your weekend style. Remember to choose an unlined one with some texture. It'll be your day-and-night companion.


We can't overlook gray trousers. They're like the rock of your wardrobe, blending with almost any jacket. Dress them up, dress them down; it's your call. Use flannel wool when it's cold, and switch to a mohair blend in summer. Comfort matters, right?


Living in places like Edmonton, you can't avoid a winter overcoat. Nobody wants to be that poor guy, hugging his suit jacket while struggling through the snow. Here's a pro tip: opt for dark grey or navy. Stand out in a crowd of black overcoats.


A charcoal suit is your wardrobe's wildcard. It's brilliant for the office and can turn heads at events. Fun fact: charcoal suits can double as formal wear. Consider one with a peak lapel.


Now, let's talk navy suits. It should be one of your first purchases. Ideally suited for office wear, it dresses beautifully for a more laid-back look. My personal favorite: pick a soft construction with patch pockets. This way, the jacket can moonlight as a blazer.

Your Turn!

Remember, for all these pieces, fitting is crucial. Tailoring is your best friend here. Find a trustworthy place and get it done. Stock up on these essentials, and you'll have a fresh, sharp look every day. Still, need help? Don't hesitate to swing by Suits Unlimited. Our friendly sales associates are always here for a helpful chat and personalized advice.


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