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Top Clothing Mistakes Men Make at Work

When it comes to workplace fashion and wardrobe choices there are certain garments, footwear, and accessories that should never be worn to work. Some choices are obvious and others you may not be aware of. Read and follow up on the information and tips below, you might learn something new:

  1. Satin Shirts

Have you ever seen how sweat sticks to and shows through a satin shirt? It’s not pretty and we highly suggest leaving these in the closet when it comes to the workplace.

  1. Slip on Sandals with Socks

This one should be pretty obvious, however, if you work in a surf shop, sandals might be alright. But what we are discussing here is professional offices and settings and no matter what you do, socks with sandals will never look right in almost any setting. Closed toe shoes are the best options to start with.

  1. Chunky Chains

When you wear too many, this is the only thing people can focus on. Never mind about what you are saying, they are going to notice the chains more than anything. Too much jewelry in most cases can become a very distracting accessory choice.

  1. Loose fitting or Tight Clothing

When clothes are too tight, you might look larger than you really are. When clothes are too loose, you look disheveled. Wearing fitted or tailored clothing will get you noticed in the best way. Some of the bigger department stores offer tailoring services for free as the charge is already built into the price. Do not be afraid to ask about this. Your local menswear store or tailor (Suits Unlimited) does alterations as well.

  1. Unbuttoned Shirt

Don’t go beyond two buttons on a dress shirt. Any more and you risk exposure to skin that is best kept under a shirt. Plus it will likely make a bad impression and again be distracting.

  1. Baggy Jeans

If you're pulling up