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Top Men's Wear Strategies You Can Follow to Appear Taller

These men’s wear looking taller strategies are not for everyone because of the expense

and being realistic. They are a guide to help you look taller along the way. Here they are

for anyone’s use and well-intentioned assistance.

1. Basic Color Strategies

Stick to similar color lines to keep your look along smooth lines with little contrast. By

maintaining your apparel with a basic consistent set of colors, particularly darker colors,

it will help you create a taller person visual to observers.

Wearing varied colors is okay but go with darker tones or colors when it comes to pants.

This will draw peoples view of you to your shoes to start with, and then go up from


2. Dress in Vertical Look Apparel to Appear Slimmer and Taller

For years it has been stated that clothing that comes in vertical patterns slims a person

down making for a taller look, and horizontal patterns makes a person look heavier,

which can make them look shorter. This is employing the same strategy mention earlier

where how you look, slim and taller, or heavier and shorter, is partly predicated by

where people start their eyes on your body when they see you and where they end up.

Vertical strips in apparel like suit jackets, pants and dress shirts are the easiest way to

look taller naturally and not appear to be overemphasizing it.