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Zoot Suit Looks

There are so many ways you can create a Zoot Suit look with the help of some of our amazing suits and accessories for rent and also some for purchase. Whether you are looking to get decked out in full zoot suit 1920's attire for a special occasion or headed to a costume party, we've got some options that are the "bees knees".

Rental Options for Zoot Suit Looks

Since most occasions that call for a zoot suit tend to be a once and a while or once in a lifetime ordeal these days, renting can be the best option. Below are some 1920's zoot looks we put together using our rental stock. While we don't have the actual pinstripe and wide legged "Zoot Suit," there are plenty of suits that accomplish a modern, yet 1920's look.

In the Below Image Gallery

Ike Behar Plaid Medium Grey Suit with Black Accessories

Rental Price - $195.00

Shoe Rental $15-30

Classic Black Suit with Black vest and Apple Red Tie

Rental Price - $99.00

Shoe Rental $15-30

Shark Skin Grey Tuxedo with Black Accessories

Rental Price - $180.00

Shoe Rental $15-30

White Notch Lapel Tuxedo with White Vest and Gold Tie

Rental Price -$180.00

Shoe Rental $30

Accessories are What Really Matters in Zoot Suit Looks

Accessories pull together the 1920's look perfectly. Without them, you may just have a suit or tux without any distinguishing zoot suit characteristics. Below we break down the must have items.